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Asthma Education

We understand that the strength of a community depends on the health of every last individual in it. That’s why we offer education, support and resources to our patients. We offer asthma education to all asthmatic patients and their family members. 


We offer one-on-one teaching for individuals and family members.  Classes are organized by educators that are certified by the NAECB (AE-C). People with asthma will learn the proper use of asthma medications and devices including: inhalers, spacers, and peak flow meters. We also provide asthma teaching for kids featuring the Radical Randy™ teaching tool. Pulmonary Function Testing can be performed, along with FeNO testing (exhaled Nitric Oxide test for allergic inflammation).  A personalized Asthma Action Plan is completed at the end of the class.  An action plan is recommend for all people with a diagnosis of asthma.   Remember, an asthma flare-up can happen at any time, in any season, whether your asthma is controlled or not. Patients and their family members need to know what to do if an exacerbation happens and how to treat it properly.

Class topics include:

  • The signs and symptoms of an asthma flare-up
  • Identifying potential asthma triggers (allergens, irritants, etc.)
  • Learning about the different asthma medications and their use.
  • Prevention and management of asthma flare-ups

Classes are for patients referred by their physician.

Please call your doctor if you are interested in attending.Your doctor can schedule an appointment with central scheduling by calling 574.335.4500 or by faxing an order to 574-367-7634.
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