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Allergy and Immunology 

Name City
Harris, James, MD South Bend 


Name City
Hu, Bin, MD Mishawaka 

Cardiothoracic Surgery 

Name City
Halloran, Walter, MD Elkhart 

Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology 

Name City
Hadian, Djavid, MD Mishawaka 
Homsi, Mohamed, MD* Mishawaka 


Name City
Harder, Mary, MD South Bend 
Harris, Holly, MD South Bend 
Higginbotham, Linda, MD South Bend 

Emergency Medicine 

Name City
Harley, Bruce, MD Mishawaka 
Hays, Robert, MD Mishawaka 
Hodnicak, April, DO Mishawaka 
Huang, Eugene, MD Elkhart 

Family Medicine 

Name City
Helman, Laura, DO Mishawaka 
Helms, Michael, MD* South Bend 
Higgs-Coulthard, Charles, MD* South Bend 
Holm, Byron, MD Plymouth 
Hruskovich, Robert, MD South Bend 
Hsieh, S. Jesse, MD Granger 
Huber, Brian, MD* Mishawaka 


Name City
Haering, James, DO Mishawaka 

Internal Medicine 

Name City
Hart-Cavallo, Susan, MD South Bend 


Name City
Hougland, Kristen, MD* Mishawaka 


Name City
Haseeb, Ateeq, MD Ann Arbor 

Obstetrics and Gynecology 

Name City
Harmon, Joseph, MD South Bend 
Houser, Keim, MD South Bend 


Name City
Hart, Adam, MD Mishawaka 
Hauch, Thomas, MD South Bend 


Name City
Halstead, H. John, MD South Bend 


Name City
Hoover, Rick, MD South Bend 

Pediatric Cardiology 

Name City
Hubbard, Joyce, MD Indianapolis 


Name City
Hickey, Melissa, MD Granger 
Horvath, George, MD South Bend 
Howard, Mikael, MD Granger 
Hudson, Michael, MD Granger 


Name City
Henning, Sean, DPM Elkhart 


Name City
Homer, Ronald, MD Los Gatos 
Homer, Suzanne, MD Los Gatos 
Hoo, Charles, MD Los Gatos 


Name City
Hudak, John, MD South Bend 

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