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Name City
Murphy, Frank, MD* South Bend 


Name City
Mezsick, Steven, MD Mishawaka 


Name City
Mathis, Charles, MD Elkhart 
Mehta, Vijay, MD Elkhart 

Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology 

Name City
Mitra, Raman, MD South Bend 


Name City
Mayfield, Cynthia, MD South Bend 

Emergency Medicine 

Name City
Makowski, Andrew, MD Salt Lake City 
Martino, Michael, MD Granger 
McGrogan, James, MD Mishawaka 
Miller, Lawrence, MD Mishawaka 

Family Medicine 

Name City
Mann, Carol, MD Granger 
McClain, Debra, MD South Bend 
McClure, Robert, DO Mishawaka 
Migliore, Michelle, DO South Bend 
Miller, Craig, MD* Plymouth 
Miller, Jean, DO* South Bend 
Moloney, Brian, MD* South Bend 
Moore - Riesbeck, Susan, DO Granger 
Moriarity, James, MD Notre Dame 
Moskwinski, Rebecca, MD Notre Dame 
Myers, Charles, MD Mishawaka 


Name City
Manbeck, Michael, MD South Bend 
Mark, David, MD South Bend 
Mathis, John, MD South Bend 

Gynecologic Oncology 

Name City
Method, Michael, MD Mishawaka 


Name City
Madden, Nancy, MD South Bend 


Name City
Moodley, Jayavani, MD Mishawaka 

Internal Medicine 

Name City
Mokfi, Shaya, MD* Mishawaka 

Interventional Cardiology 

Name City
Meng, Daniel, MD South Bend 

Medicine/Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Name City
Markley, Jon, MD South Bend 


Name City
Milligan, Samuel, MD Granger 


Name City
Morales-Vidal, Sarkis, MD Maywood 

Obstetrics and Gynecology 

Name City
MacGregor, Douglas, DO South Bend 
Martin, Clifford, MD* Mishawaka 
McGuire, Kelly, MD South Bend 
Meekhof, Mark, MD South Bend 


Name City
Mahon, John, MD South Bend 
Mamczak, Christiaan, DO South Bend 
Mango, Thomas, MD South Bend 
Mencias, Adelbert, MD South Bend 
Mitros, Stephen, MD South Bend 


Name City
McTigue, Stephen, MD South Bend 
Mohs, Donald, MD South Bend 


Name City
Mathis, Rachel, MD South Bend 

Pediatric Cardiology 

Name City
Maiers, Jacqueline, MD Indianapolis 

Pediatric Dentistry 

Name City
McCrea, Carter, DDS South Bend 

Pediatric Neurology 

Name City
McGuire, Lisa, MD Indianapolis 
Mott, Jared, MD Indianapolis 


Name City
McClure, Marybeth, DO Mishawaka 
Medaglia, Antoinette, MD Notre Dame 
Meier, MaryJo, MD* Mishawaka 

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Name City
Markley, Jon, MD South Bend 


Name City
McGowan, Donald, DPM South Bend 

Pulmonary Medicine 

Name City
Maskiny, Charbel, MD South Bend 


Name City
Mallory, Marshall, MD Los Gatos 
Maynard, Arthur, MD Los Gatos 
McCrea, Jonathan, MD South Bend 
McCrea, Michael, MD South Bend 
Murrish, Geoffrey, MD Los Gatos 
Myers, Michael, MD Los Gatos 


Name City
Mohr, Brent, MD South Bend 

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