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CT Scan

CT ScanA CT Scan, also referred to as a "CAT Scan", stands for "Computerized Tomography."

These scans are performed on virtually every body part, from head to toe. CT uses a pencil-thin X-ray beam that rotates around a patient who lies inside a donut-shaped scanner. As the X-ray beam passes through the patient it strikes a detector, which is located opposite the beam. After the beam and the detectors have circled around, the information from the detectors is processed and an image is created.

Sometimes a contrast material is required to enhance particular areas. A detailed allergy history is obtained prior to the injection of any contrast.

SJRMC offers the most advanced 64-slice CT Scanner technology, providing higher quality images, better diagnostic capability, lower radiation dose and shorter breath-holds during the test. Some CT Scan images are processed using a 3-D workstation to enhance the diagnostic accuracy of the examinations.

Our 64 Slice CT Scanner actually makes it possible to image the coronary arteries of your heart. This procedure, called Coronary CTA, brings imaging of the coronary arteries to patients in a less-invasive manner than traditional catheterization.

CT is available at our Mishawaka and Plymouth hospital campuses and at the Saint Joseph Medical Imaging Center. CT Scanners are also located in our Emergency Departments for quick access during emergency situations.

For more information, consult your physician.

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