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For Seniors

Affordable Care Act - SeniorsThe top five things you need to know about the Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act – the healthcare law – gives seniors the security they need and important new benefits. Signed into law in March of 2010, it will save money for seniors and ensure people with Medicare can see the doctor they know and trust.

Here are five ways the law helps you:

1. You get cheaper prescription drugs. If you’re in the donut hole, you will receive a 50 percent discount when buying brand-name prescriptions covered by Medicare part D. The discount is applied automatically when you fill your prescription — you don’t have to do anything to get it. These changes are already saving seniors billions of dollars. And by 2020, the donut hole will be closed.

2. You get free preventive services. Medicare now covers certain preventive services, like mammograms or colonoscopies free of charge. You also can get a free annual wellness visit.

3. Your doctors are supported to better coordinate your care. Many doctors, hospitals, and other providers are taking advantage of new programs to help them work better as teams to provide you the highest quality care possible. They are working to get you the care you need at the time you need it.

4. The law fights fraud and strengthens Medicare. The Affordable Care Act builds on our efforts to combat fraud and abuse. These efforts are saving billions of dollars in money that was being stolen from people with Medicare. And thanks to these efforts and other reforms, the life of the Medicare trust fund will be extended.

5. Your Medicare coverage is protected. Under this new health reform law, your existing Medicare-covered benefits can’t be reduced or taken away. As always, you will be able to choose your own doctors.

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