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MammographyEarly detection of breast cancer saves lives. At SJRMC, we urge women to have their first mammogram at the age of 35. At 40 years old, women should have the screening once a year.

If you have a first blood relative who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you may want to get a mammogram earlier - up to 10 years prior to when your relative was diagnosed.

Digital mammography works just like a digital camera. Your images are captured, archived, a made available at any time for you and our staff. New technology enables our radiologists to manipulate and control images for increased contrast and magnification. This can mean a reduced chance of follow-up mammograms, and cuts your examination and screening period in half.

Screening vs. Diagnostic Mammogram

A screening mammogram is a proactive method used to ensure your breast health. After capturing images during the screening, you will be free to go.

A diagnostic mammogram is usually the result of a physician referral. It could be that you have a symptom of breast cancer, or a closer look is needed. During a diagnostic mammogram, we will look at the images while you are here.

If you have never had a mammogram with SJRMC, please bring your previous films with you to allow us to do a comparison. SJRMC offers digital mammography at the following locations:

Center for Women's Health, Mishawaka
Saint Joseph Medical Imaging Center, South Bend
SJRMC - Plymouth Campus
Onboard the Mobile Medical Unit

To schedule a mammogram call the Appointment Center at 574.335.4500 or toll-free at 888-455-4450.

Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center  |  5215 Holy Cross Parkway, Mishawaka, IN 46545  |  574-335-5000

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