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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear MedicineNuclear Medicine gives us the ability to diagnose the presence of disease in the body. By administering very small amounts of radioactive material, we are able to view how the materials distribute internally and the areas in which they collect. This allows us to analyze the results and provide you with access to unmatched resources, ensuring peace of mind when you need it most.

We are also able to perform therapeutic procedures that treat Grave’s Disease and certain types of cancers.

Types of Scans

In many of the common diagnostic procedures, Nuclear Medicine uses a Gamma Camera, or a SPECT/CT camera, to localize the small amounts of radioactivity in your body.

The Nuclear Cardiac scan, a very common type of scan, helps us accurately diagnose Coronary Artery Disease.  The Nuclear Bone scan, another common scan, assists in the accurate diagnosis of fractures or metastatic bone cancer.  Other typical uses of Nuclear Medicine scans allow us to see the gallbladder, thyroid, or infections in the body.

Many of the Nuclear Medicine scans show your body's physiology (how it functions), which is an important distinction from other types of imaging that show your body's structure (what it looks like).

Our expert staff works closely with Nuclear Medicine Radiologists and Radiation Physicists on a daily basis to ensure you are receiving superior care.

For more information, consult your physician.

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