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PET Imaging

PET-CT Fusion Imaging technology combines the anatomical detail of CT (Computerized Tomography) with the molecular metabolic information derived from PET (Positron Emission Tomography) to detect tumors, stage cancer and monitor a tumor's response to therapy.

Even though today's CT scanners are better and faster than ever, they are sometimes unable to detect tiny malignancies. PET provides for the imaging of very small tumors. While a cancer diagnosis cannot be made without a biopsy, PET can prove to be a strong indicator. PET has also proven useful in staging cancer patients, sometimes eliminating the need for surgery.

PET-CT is covered by most insurance and by Medicare. Medicare is continually adding to its list of approved clinical indications for PET and PET-CT. PETC-CT is available our Saint Joseph Medical Imaging location in South Bend.

For more information consult your physician.

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