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Radiation Therapy

Radiation TherapyRadiation Oncology services at SJRMC offer advanced comprehensive radiation therapy programs, with individualized treatments for each patient. The oncology team consists of a specially trained oncology nurse, radiation therapist, dosimetrist and physicist, who each work with the patient to ensure the highest quality, safety and best possible outcomes.

Advanced Treatment

SJRMC has partnered with Michiana Hematology Oncology in the delivery of state-of-the-art Radiation Therapy at the new cancer center, including the region's first and only Linear Accelerator with "rapid arc" technology and respiratory gaiting.

The Linear Accelerator speeds up treatment for patients and delivers more targeted radiation, minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissues. The 120-leaf MCL provides custom blocking around critical structures while optimizing radiation dose to the target area, creating precise treatment custom to each patient.

Cone beam CT helps to obtain diagnostic CT-like quality images with the Linear Accelerator.  This technology delivers more precise treatments much faster than other technologies, and allows for pinpoint accuracy of radiation directly at the tumor site. 

RT vision is able to obtain 3D images of patients in real time such that breathing may be tracked during treatment. In addition, our staff uses Oncovision, a computer software program that allows diagnostic imaging to be integrated into treatment planning.


We also offer MammoSite®, a unique therapy option that provides targeted radiation and a shorter treatment time for breast cancer patients. The therapy concentrates just on the cancerous area of the breast, minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissues. For many women, the 5-day treatment plan is a preferred alternative to multi-week, daily radiation treatments. Radiation Oncologist Binh Tran, MD, administers the tumor-specific therapy. Not all patients are eligible. SJRMC uses national guidelines in recommending appropriate treatment.


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