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Site Map

       Saint Joseph Health System
       Social Media
       Homepage Health Information
            Find a Physician
                 Saint Joseph Physician Network Practices
                      Patient Forms
                      Bourbon Family Medicine
                      Bremen Family Medicine
                      Community Pediatric Physicians
                      Family Medicine Faculty Physicians
                      Granger Community Medicine
                      Internal Medicine Associates
                      Lake Shore Clinic
                      Marshall County Cardiology Specialists
                      Marshall County Family Practice
                      Marshall County OB/GYN
                      Marshall County Pediatric Physicians
                      Marshall County Surgery Associates
                      Midwest Cardiology
                           Meet our physicians
                                Mohamed Homsi MD
                                Farid Jalinous MD
                                Zachary Leshen MD
                                Sachin R. Patel MD
                                William S. Sarnat MD
                                Ajazuddin Z. Shaikh MD
                                Ashfaq A. Turk MD
                           Services & Procedures
                           Patient Information
                           Research & Education Foundation
                           Contact Us
                      Northwest Family Medicine
                      Plymouth Family & Internal Medicine
                      River Park Family Medicine
                      Saint Joseph Cardiothoracic Surgery
                      Saint Joseph Family Medicine - Elm Road
                      Saint Joseph Family Medicine at Miami Road
                      Saint Joseph FertilityCare Center
                      Saint Joseph Infectious Diseases
                      Saint Joseph OB/GYN Specialists & Midwifery
                      Saint Joseph Physician Network Dermatology
                      Saint Joseph Physician Network People's Clinic
                      South Bend Neurology
                      University Park Family Medicine
            Patients & Visitors
                 Patient Portal
                      Frequently Asked Questions
                 Preparing for the Hospital
                 Patient Registration
                 Visiting the Mishawaka Medical Center
                      Visiting Hours
                      Parking & Transportation
                      Food & Dining
                      Gift Shop
                           Send a Cheer Card
                      Business Center
                      Customer Relations
                      Local Lodging
                 Visiting the Plymouth Medical Center
                      Visiting Hours
                      Food & Dining
                      Gift Shop
                      Customer Relations
                 Requesting Medical Records
                 Billing & Insurance
                      Pay Bill Online
                      Request Price Estimate
                      Requesting Medical Records
                      Financial Assistance
                      Consumer Assistance Services
                           Consumer Assistance Process
                           Becoming an Indiana Navigator
                 Legal & Ethical Decisions
                 Center for Spiritual Care
                 The DAISY Award: Nominate a Nurse
                      Nominate A Nurse
                 Mishawaka Medical Center
                      About Our Hospital
                      Medical Office Building
                 Plymouth Medical Center
                      About Our Hospital
                 Saint Joseph Physician Network
                 Community Health Centers
                      Our Lady of the Rosary
                      Sister Maura Brannick, CSC, Health Center
                      Saint Joseph Health Center
                      Family Medicine Center
                 Rehabilitation Institute
                 Elm Road Medical Campus
                      Saint Joseph Rehabilitation Institute
                      Saint Joseph Family Medicine - Elm Road
                 Urgent Care
                 Senior Services
                      Holy Cross
                           Holy Cross Rehabilitation and Wellness
                                Rehabilitation And Wellness FAQs
                           Holy Cross Long-Term Nursing Care
                      St. Paul's
                           St. Paul's Request for Information
                           St. Paul's Apartments for Independent Seniors
                           St. Paul's Assisted Living Apartments
                           St. Paul's Good Shepherd Memory Care
                           St. Paul's Rehabilitation and Wellness
                                Rehabilitation and Wellness FAQs
                           St. Paul's Long-Term Nursing Care
                      Trinity Tower
                      VNA Home Care
                           Cardiac Partners program
                      Saint Joseph PACE
            Medical Services
                 Asthma Education
                 Paqui and Brian Kelly Comprehensive Breast Center
                      Paqui and Brian Kelly CBC renovation
                           Directions during renovation
                      Touring the center
                      Comprehensive care
                      Advanced technologies
                      Breast cancer risk factors
                      Post-Surgical Breast Reconstruction
                      Patient journeys
                      SJHS oncology awards
                 Diabetes Support
                 Emergency Department
                 Heart & Vascular
                      Meet our Heart Team
                      Marshall County Cardiology Specialists
                      Midwest Cardiology
                      Saint Joseph Cardiothoracic Surgery
                      Signs of a Heart Attack
                      Heart Attack Activation System
                      Detection & Treatment
                      Stroke Activation System
                      Cardiac Cath Lab
                      Cardiac Rehabilitation
                 Home Care
                 Hospitalist Program
                      Imaging Locations
                      Plymouth Outpatient Express
                      Bone Density Scan
                      CT Scan
                      Nuclear Medicine
                      PET Imaging
                 Laboratory Services
                 Mobile Medical Unit
                 Neonatal Intensive Care
                      Mishawaka Medical Center Family Birthplace
                      Plymouth Medical Center New Beginnings Birthplace
                      Neo-Natal Intensive Care
                      Our Experts
                           Laborist Program
                           Neonatal Intensive Care
                      Baby & Me - Tobacco Free
                      Cancer Services & Locations
                      Garcia Family Foundation Inpatient Oncology Unit
                      Plymouth Cancer Institute
                      Certified Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation (STAR)
                      Genetics & Risk Assessment Center
                           Genetic Testing & Counseling
                      Lymphedema Program
                      Oncology Patient Navigator
                      Outpatient Treatment & Infusion
                      Radiation Therapy
                      Clinical Trials
                      Women's Task Force
                      Minimally Invasive Knee Procedure
                      Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement
                      Sports Medicine
                      Pediatric Specialty Clinics
                      Pediatric Therapy
                 Rehabilitation & Therapy
                      Saint Joseph Rehabilitation Institute
                           About the Rehabilitation Institute
                           Map & Directions
                      Outpatient Therapy Locations
                      Pediatric Therapy
                      Cardiac Rehabilitation
                      Sports Medicine
                 Sleep Disorders
                 Sports Medicine
                      Emerging Sports Medicine Technologies
                      Tendon Pain Treatment: Tenex Health TX
                      Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement
                      Minimally Invasive Knee Procedure
                 Stroke Care
                      Warning Signs & Symptoms
                      Telemedicine Program
                      Code Stroke
                      Recovery & Support
                 Surgical Services
                      Prior to Your Surgery
                           Mishawaka Pre-Surgical Patient Checklist
                           Plymouth Pre-Surgical Patient Checklist
                      The Day of Surgery
                      Going Home
                      da Vinci Surgical System
                      Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement
                 Wound Healing
            Careers & Volunteers
                 Jobs at our Medical Centers
                 Frequently Asked Questions
                 Physician Opportunities
                 Nursing Opportunities
                      SJHS nurses - Called to care
                      RN to BSN Scholarships
                      Nurse Residency Program
                      RN Specialty Certification
                 Volunteer Opportunities
                      College Volunteer Application Form
                      High School Volunteer Application Form
                      Adult Volunteer Application Form
                 Guiding Behaviors
                 Just Culture
            Healthy Living
                 Classes & Events
                 Health Information
                      Cancer Center
                      Heart Center
                      Men's Center
                      Orthopedics Center
                      Pediatric Center
                      Senior Center
                      Women's Center
                      Care Guides
                      Health News
                      Health Risk Assessments
                      Wellness Tools
                 Healthy Recipes
                      BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders Recipe
                      Sesame Shrimp Stir-Fry Dinner Recipe
                      Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake Recipe
                 Health Risk Assessments
                 Wellness Tools
            Quality & Safety
                 Top 15 Health System
                 Top Performer on Key Quality Measures
                 100 Top Hospitals
                 Most Wired
                 Point-of-Care Scanning
                 How We Look Ahead
                 2014 Quality Report Cards
                      Emergency Department
                      Heart Attack
                      Heart Failure
                      Surgical Infection Prevention
                      Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prevention
            Community Benefit
                 Health Insurance Services
                      Understanding Medicare
                      Health Insurance Marketplace
                      Long-term care planning
                 Reinvestment on Principle
                      Community Health Needs Assessment Report
                      This Community Defines Us
                      We Care For All Who Need It
                      The Power of One
                 Outreach Services
                 Community Health Needs Assessment 2015
                      Community Health Needs Assessment 2012
                           CHNA Report - Plymouth Campus
            About Us
                 Annual Report
                 Our Mission
                 Our Team
                      President's Cabinet
                      Board of Trustees
                      Plymouth Board of Directors
                      The Foundation Board of Directors
                 Media Center
                      Multimedia & News Coverage
                 Saint Joseph Health System on Facebook
                 Trinity Health
                 About Michiana
                 Community Health Needs Assessment Report
                 2011 Community Report
                      How We Look Ahead
            Ways to Give
                 About The Foundation of SJHS
                 Giving Opportunities
                 Our Videos
                 House Raffle 2016
                 Contact The Foundation
            For Physicians
                 Medical Library Website
            Contact Us
            Notice of Privacy Practices
                 Prácticas de Privacidad
            Terms of Use/Online Privacy
            Institutional Review Board (IRB) Policies
            Site Map

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