Telemedicine Program

We were the first hospital in the region with a Primary Stroke Unit certified by The Joint Commission. Our Code Stroke emergency activation system is in place to ensure that patients who exhibit signs of stroke get the fastest possible treatment.

Now, with our telemedicine stroke program, we continue to lead the charge in stroke care. 

Telemedicine at SJHS enables our local neurologists to activate the most advanced stroke care in the county to get an immediate second opinion for the most difficult cases, all in a matter of seconds. This gives our stroke patients who are candidates for specialized testing or therapies prompt access to cutting-edge stroke care.

When Time is Critical

When Dale Seely, 60, came to the ER with nausea, dizziness and blurred vision, he was not expecting to hear the doctors say he could be having a stroke. Code Stroke identified that Seely had blood clot in an artery in his brain.

Through telemedicine technology, doctors at SJHS and Loyola University Medical Center were able to speak, share diagnostic results, and determine that Seely should be transported to Loyola for an advanced level of immediate treatment.

“If it hadn’t had been for the telemedicine program, I probably would not be here today,” said Seely. “I thank God for the relationship they have with Loyola.”

Within three days of receiving treatment Seely was on his feet, and within seven days he was receiving inpatient treatment at the Saint Joseph Rehabilitation Institute. After a short nine days, Seely was released to go home and continue outpatient treatment. 

 “I wasn’t sent away and forgotten,” said Seely. “My treatment was a full continuum of care and service.”