Community Benefit

In a world most often concerned with saying the right thing, we at SJHS prefer to quietly do the right thing — even if it’s costly or challenging.

Through our philanthropic endeavors and our internal desire to fulfill our mission, SJHS is a responsible manager and generous sharer of our finances, our time, and our talents.

We act in communion with the church as we steward our resources. Our healthcare professionals have been blessed with talents and energy. And, collectively, we have received resources to help us carry on our ministry.

These gifts have come to us from our institution’s founders, associates, physicians, volunteers, and board members — and from our fellow citizens. We take responsibility to preserve and enhance their value and to use them well to accomplish the mission.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Thank you to those who have participated in the Community Health Needs Assessment survey, which helps evaluate the needs in our community. 

Conducted every three years, this research evaluates the overall health status of the greater Michiana region, identifies the most pressing health-related needs and prioritizes services relating to such needs. The goal is to hear from residents about health challenges in St. Joseph, Marshall and Elkhart Counties and how to solve them, and help Saint Joseph Health System develop action plans to address these needs. 

If you have any questions, contact Michelle Peters at