Saint Joseph PACE

Helping seniors live safely at home.

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Saint Joseph PACE
250 East Day Rd.
Mishawaka, IN 46545
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What is Saint Joseph PACE?

Saint Joseph PACE (Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) is the newest healthcare choice for seniors living in our community. The program can assist seniors to live safely at home while being helped by a team of healthcare experts. Saint Joseph PACE is an alternative to nursing home care.

At PACE, seniors receive healthcare and nutritious meals as well as participate in activities with others so they may remain active, socialize and make new friends.

Saint Joseph PACE provides one location where doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals can provide treatment and monitor for changes in seniors’ health. We encourage seniors to do things for themselves so they can live independently as long as possible. Transportation to the center is included.

Programs like Saint Joseph PACE exist in 32 states

Saint Joseph PACE was the second PACE program in Indiana. PACE is a different and better type of healthcare for your aging loved one. It is a program that provides and helps coordinate all medical care for elders living at home. The program serves many health care and social needs of the elderly, all in one place. Even transportation is included in this unique model of care. With PACE, cost is not a barrier to getting the care that is needed.

PACE is for seniors

Staying independent and remaining at home is important for our community’s seniors. Safety and proper care are serious concerns, though. Saint Joseph PACE understands this and helps seniors to stay healthy and living at home. Seniors in the PACE program benefit from a wide range of healthcare services provided in our PACE Center or at home.

PACE is for caregivers

If you’re like millions of other family caregivers, you want the best care for your aging loved one. But getting that care can be frustrating. You know what it’s like to drive your loved one to different appointments. You know managing medications and coordinating care between doctors can be challenging. And you struggle with leaving your loved one at home alone during the day.

Thousands of families across America have found a different and better kind of care for their aging loved ones through PACE programs. These families have found PACE can coordinate all the care and services your loved one needs so you don’t have to place them in a nursing home.

PACE advantages

Saint Joseph PACE offers many advantages for seniors and caregivers, including:

  • Elders stay in control of their lives, remaining in the community and out of a nursing home as long as possible.
  • A team approach to care keeps the senior and the family at the center of healthcare decisions.
  • Care is complete, preventive and ongoing.
  • Provides help and relief for caregivers and family members.

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