PatientSecure Identification System

A secure and accurate way to identify you.

At Saint Joseph Health System Mishawaka and Plymouth Medical Centers, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality of care, and we consider securing your personal information a priority. That’s why we’ve introduced PatientSecure® — a secure, faster way to identify you during registration at any participating SJHS facility.

The PatientSecure identification system uses the latest in biometric technology to streamline patient registration and provide accurate identification of patients.


  • Patient identification - Your identity is instantly and accurately confirmed at registration. This ensures that the registrar accesses your personal medical record. In an emergency, we can access your medical record from your palm scan.
  • Protects you from identity theft - The system ensures accurate patient ID at registration. No one can pretend to be you.
  • Ensures privacy - PatientSource limits the amount of personal information needed that may be overheard in a public area.
  • Fast registration - Scanning and identification take only seconds.
  • Convenience - Once you are enrolled, your record can be accessed instantly at any participating SJHS facility.

How it works

PatientSecure is highly accurate and works by scanning the vein pattern of your palm. Vein pattern in a palm is unique to each person. The scan uses harmless near-infrared light, which is the same as the light of a TV remote control.

The advanced algorithm processes your vein pattern to create an encrypted and protected digital file that is linked to your unique medical record.

Get scanned today

No appointment is necessary, just stop by the Registration Desk.

Mishawaka Medical Center
5215 Holy Cross Pkwy. Mishawaka, IN

5 am – 8 pm, Monday – Friday
8 am – 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday

Plymouth Medical Center
1915 Lake Ave. Plymouth, IN

7 am – 5 pm, Monday - Friday
7 am – 3 pm, Saturday
10 am – 3 pm, Sunday