Medical Records FAQs

The Health Information Management (HIM) Department is responsible for managing your information. Medical records contain protected health information. All medical records are protected by federal, state and hospital privacy laws. Should you require additional information, please contact our Release of Information Office within Health Information Management.

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An authorization form must be completed in order to obtain a copy of your medical record. It must to be completed, signed and dated by the patient or the patient’s guardian/legal representative. The authorization, Request for Release of Protected Health Information, can be downloaded and printed. All sections of the form must be completed. Forms can be submitted by mail or by fax. Campus addresses and fax numbers are located at the top of the authorization form.

Typically you can expect a 7-10-day turn around time for your request to be completed after the request has been received in the Health Information Management Department. If your circumstances require a more rapid turnaround time, please contact the Health Information Management Department to discuss your request. On occasion, extenuating circumstances may delay the turnaround time.

Only the patient may release his/her records. If, however, you have a Healthcare Power of Attorney (POA) or are the executor of the patient's estate, you are able to request and obtain records. An authorization form must be completed, signed and dated. In addition, POA documentation must be provided; a copy will be retained for hospital records.

Copies of your medical record can be faxed to healthcare providers for continuity of care. Patients can contact the Health Information Management Department and request that copies be sent to the physician. You will need to provide physicians name, fax number and phone number. An authorization is not required, but can be completed. There is no charge for copies provided for continuity of care.

Medical records are retained in accordance with Indiana state law and Trinity Health guidelines. You will be contacted if you have submitted a request for records that cannot be fulfilled because the retention period has expired.

The hospital does not possess birth certificates. You will need to contact the Health Department for this document. St. Joseph County Health Department 574.235.9638 | Marshall County Health Department 574.935.8565

We have partnered with MRO, the nation's largest provider of release of medical information services, to process and fulfill your request for a copy of your medical record. Due to the strict procedural and highly regulated steps, involved in the process, known as the release of information process, there are costs associated. Therefore, a fee for all patient requests for medical records applies, based on state and federal law. Please call 610.994.7500 Ext. 1 to check the status of your request, make a payment or ask any questions.

Please note: There is no fee for medical record requests sent directly to a physician or healthcare facility for continuing-care purposes.