Essential care on wheels

The Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) is a 40-foot-long clinic on wheels operated by Saint Joseph Health System. By providing healthcare services "on the go" to communities in St. Joseph, Marshall and surrounding counties, the MMU reaches out to both urban and rural areas where it’s convenient for you.

When you visit the MMU for your mobile mammogram, you’ll receive the same high-quality care — with the same equipment and the same physicians — that you would receive at any SJHS facility. If you are interested in or could benefit from a mobile mammogram, see the calendar below for dates when the MMU will be in your area.

The MMU enables SJHS to meet the needs of individuals who may not have transportation or access to medical offices or clinics. With the MMU, we can also deliver corporate wellness to the doors of local organizations, providing health education and screenings on-site.

Services include:

  • Digital mammography
  • Health screenings
  • Corporate wellness programs

The MMU uses the same financial guidelines as the rest of the hospital system. SJHS makes every effort to bill any insurance, Medicaid and Medicare. 

Business & organization partnerships

Local businesses have the option of scheduling the MMU to be onsite for their employees to access, including mobile mammograms. A reservation fee is associated with these corporate wellness programs. The MMU enables an organization to contribute to the health of their workforce, while eliminating the need for employees to leave work in order to receive similar services.

To schedule a mammogram at the Paqui and Brian Kelly CBC, call 574-335-4500 (toll free 1-888-455-4450) or schedule online.

For more information on corporate wellness, contact Latorya Greene, Director, Community Health & Well-Being and Tobacco Initiatives at 574-335-4684.